YUME X7 Dual Motor 72V 8000W Electric Scooter | Max Speed 80KMH (50MPH) Travel Range 125KM (80Miles)

YUME X7 has been called “the most comfortable electric scooter in the world” largely due to its’ dual spring suspension. Highly responsive, with strong responsiveness, the suspension is coupled with the 13inch ultra-wide tires to create a stable and comfortable riding experience.

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● The YUME X7 uses the Panasonic vehicle’s power lithium battery, providing 80 miles (45Ah configuration) of travel range. The X7’s battery is also equipped with diverse ranges of protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, temperature abnormality, over-receiving, over-discharge, and under-voltage automatic sleep. Of course, it boasts of other safety features as well. The X7 supports 5A fast charging and dual charging, increasing your user possibilities. Also, the charging performance is optimized for safety. Read more… https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A3K6jD

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