Upgraded Adjustable Fender (Mudguard) for ZERO 10X 11X VSETT 10+ 11+ Mantis INOKIM DUALTRON Scooter

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● Universal Upgraded Adjustable Fender for VSETT 10+ 11+ ZERO 10X 11X Mantis INOKIM DUALTRON Electric Scooter 10 11 Inch Mudguard ●

* Some customers complained to me the original fenders of VSETT 10+/11+ and Zero 10X/11x are not good enough, so we provide this new model, it is stronger, more effective and adjustable.

* We only tested this fender on our scooters, but I guess it maybe fits many other 10-inch and 11-inch scooters, such as Kaabo Mantis/Wolf Warrier, Dualtron 1/2/3/Ultra/Thunder, Inokim OX/OXO, etc. The key parameter is the length of the sleeve, the sleeve of 25mm fits for a 10-inch wheeled scooter, the sleeve of 40mm fits for an 11-inch wheeled scooter, and maybe you need extra washers or screws to make this fender fits your scooter well, but I don’t provide extras.

* Advantage:
1. You can use it as an extra fender, which means you needn’t remove the original fenders, of course, you can also use it alone which can perform better.
2. The installation is easy, you just need to clamp it on the nut of the motor’s axle, so it’s universal for many scooters.
3. The height and installing position is adjustable, height range: 140mm-180mm.
4. This fender is beautiful, and it’s very rugged and able to withstand harsh vibration.

* Disadvantage:
1. Even if you put the fender in the proper position, it worked, but couldn’t stop water 100%, some muddy water still would splash toward the scooter.
2. NOT for off-road use. The plastic splash guard is not designed to withstand off-road usage.
3. Adjusting the position and height of the fender requires experience and good hands-on ability.
4. There are several joints, so make sure all the screws are tightened before your riding. I strongly suggest you paint some screw glue on screws to reinforce the joints and reduce the vibration. I don’t provide screw glue, you need to buy this from other sellers.
5. It’s expensive.

* Material:
Fender: Thickened ABS+Fiberglass compound.
Bracket: Aluminium alloy, CNC process manufacturing, Anodic oxidation painting.
Sleeves/screws/nuts/: 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel.

* Parameters (manual measurement) :
Fender: 165*98(110)*4mm (L*W*THK)
Height: 140mm-180mm
Weight: 230g
Clamp’s diameter: suitable for nuts less than 22mm

* 1 set includes:
Fender*1 piece, Bracket A*1 piece, Bracket B*1 piece, Clamp*1 pair, Sleeve*1 pair(L: 25mm for 10 inch motor or L: 40mm for 11 inch motor),
Screw*9 pieces (M5 10mm*2, M5 18mm*2, M5 25mm*2, M6 25mm*1, M5 40mm*2 for 10-inch or M5 55mm*2 for 11-inch)
Nut*3 pieces(1 for M6, 2 for M5)
Washer*3 pieces

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