Universal Auxiliary Bar Installation Guide | for ZERO VSETT DUALTRON KAABO Mi Electric Scooter

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【Universal Multifunctional Auxiliary Handle & Additional Kids HandleBar for Electric Scooter】

Main Materials: Aluminium alloy
Coating process: Matt/bright black, CNC processing, Anodized paint
Weight: Around 300g(without grips), 414g(with grips)
We offer 2 models, Model A doesn’t include rubber grips, Model B includes 1 pair of grips.

* This handle is multifunctional, you can use it as your kid’s handlebar, or extra headlight’s bar or bag’s fixing bar, or install your special refitted accessories.

* Before you install this handle, please wrap some adhesive tapes around the steering rod in advance for the reason:
Function 1: To protect the steering rod off scratches from handlebar’s brackets;
Function 2: To modify the rod’s thickness to suit the fixing screws;
Function 3: To make the brackets will be fixed up more firmly.

* We provide 4 sizes of M6 screws, including 1 pair of M6*25mm, 1 pair of M6*40mm, 1 Pair of M6*50mm, 1 Pair of M6*60mm. M6*25 fit for small steering rod, such as ZERO 8X/10X, Kaabo Mantis, Dualtron 1/2/3/raptor/mini/Victor/Thunder/Ultra/Storm, Xiaomi M365, Etwow, etc.
M6*50 fits for VSETT 9/9+/10+, etc, M6*60 fit for ZERO 9/10, etc.

There are too many models of scooters in the market, I don’t think 4 sizes of M6 screws we offered fit all of them, so you need to:
1, To wrap adhesive tapes till the steering rod’s size is suitable;
2, To find screws of suitable length from other sellers.

* This handle fits for many scooters well except some special models such as:
1, ZERO 11X/VSETT 11+/KAABO Wolf king, etc, these scooters are equipped with dual steering rods, which means you only can install the handle on one of them;
2, Inokim Quick/Light, Speedway 1/2/3/4/5, etc, these scooters are equipped with steering rods which have sections of water-drop shape, we only can find M6*60mm screws, they’re too short, and I don’t think the handle can be fixed on steering rods firmly because of handle’s bracket’s curve difference.
3, Ninebot ES2/4/25, Dualtron X1/2, etc, they equipped a big steering rod, the diameter of the handle’s bracket is not suitable.


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