TFT Display & Thumb Throttle for Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT / Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter (KWK)

✨ TFT Display & Thumb Throttle for Kaabo ►►

TFT Display and Thumb Throttle
*Products only match Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT and Wolf King GT Pro electric scooters.
*And must be used with the Sine Wave controller system.

Product name: Electric scooter 3.5 inch IPS color LCD display
Product model: DM06.KB

Product Introduction:
✨ Screen use imported tempered glass, 2.5D chamfering processing technology
✨ High-brightness 3.5-inch high-definition high-brightness full viewing angle IPS color LCD screen
✨ Use special bonding technology to ensure visibility for outdoor use
✨ Independent operation switch, ergonomic design button
✨ Reach IP65 waterproof
✨ Support Service Tool function, can quickly realize firmware upgrade and parameter setting, convenient for maintenance service

Appearance and size:
The shell material of the DM06 product is PC+ABS, and the screen use high-hardness imported tempered glass, combined with 2.5D rounded corner technology. The product is suitable for φ22.2mm, φ25.4mm, φ31.8mm horizontal pipes.

①Power supply: DC 48/60/72V Power supply: DC 48/60/72V
②rated working current:42 mA Rated working current: 42 mA
③ shutdown leakage current:&lt1uAShutdown leakage current: &lt1uA
④ screen specification:3.5-inch IPS high-brightness and high-resolution LCD screen with a resolution of 320*480
⑤Communication: UART Communication method: UART
⑥operating temperature:-10°C ~ 60°C Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
⑦Storage temperature:-20°C ~ 70°CStorage temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
⑧Waterproof Grade: IP65 Waterproof rating: above IP65

Functional Overview:
①Single and double motor switching
②Cruise control
③Support metric/imperial switch
④Conventional display function, speed, mileage, power and other instructions
⑤ Fault code display, dual-motor controller working condition display
⑥Parameter setting and advanced setting
⑦ RTC module, providing real-time clock display
⑧ Electronic brake
⑨ USB charging

① The instrument locking ring includes two sizes, A model is Φ31.8mm in diameter, and the B model is Φ25.4mm in diameter. Please indicate the corresponding locking ring size requirements in the order according to the actual specifications of the horizontal tube.
(Tightening operation instructions: Adjust the meter to a suitable position, use M3*10 inner hexagon to fix and tighten the fixing screws, the tightening torque: ≤0.8 N.m.)
*Damage to the instrument caused by excessive torque is not covered by the warranty.
② Open the locking ring of the left key switch and then lock it on the left handlebar. Note that the middle instrument can be equipped with a left switch. Please refer to our product catalog for specific selection specifications.
③ Connect the switch outlet plug-in with the meter, as well as the meter plug-in and the controller docking connector according to the signs.

Button Rules:
Power-on button: switch machine operation
Adjustment button: adjust the gear position during riding and cooperate with the function switch button for setting operation
Long press the adjustment button to perform the corresponding specific function operation
Mode Function switch button: switch the function display interface and enter the parameter setting interface operation
USB socket: provide the charging function.

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→ TFT Display & Thumb Throttle for Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT / Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter (KWK) ►►

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