REALMAX [S Series] 8000W Dual Motor Electric Scooter with Amazing LED Wave Lights | ST, SK, SN, SL

“Light Up Your Night with Electric Scooters from REALMAX”

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0:00 REALMAX ST-13 (72V) ►►
REALMAX ST-13 (60V) ►►

0:44 REALMAX SK-11 ►►

1:00 REALMAX SN-13 Plus ►►

1:21 REALMAX SL-11 ►►

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→ REALMAX ST-13: 60V, 72V 8000W 35AH/45AH/55AH (4000Wx2 motors), Max Speed 100km/h Folding Adult Scooter 13 inch Fat Tire Dual Motors Electric Scooter With LED Pedal Lights.
→ REALMAX SK-11: 11 Inch Off-Road Tires 60V 8000W, 90-150 KM Long Range, Dual Motor Adult Electric Scooter, Battery capacity 35AH/45AH/55AH Charging time 6-8 Hours.
→ REALMAX SN-13 Plus: Powerful 60v 8000w Dual Motor 13inch Fat Tire Foldable 2 Wheels E Electric Scooter for Adults, Top speed 90-100km/h, Finger Throttle.
→ REALMAX SL-11: 2021 Newest 11inch Off-Road Tires 60v 72v 8000w fast powerful dual-motor, Off-Road Fast Electric Scooter For Adult, Max Loading 200 Kg, Net weight 50Kg.
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