Macury Speedual Plus 11 Inch(Zero 11X) | Dual Motor Electric Scooter 72V 3200W Top Speed 110KPH

★ Macury Speedual Plus Price and Customer Reviews ►►

When you order any editions, you will get:
Upgraded folding clamp 2 sets $188
Extra standard charger 1 piece $55
Multifunctional auxiliary bar 1 piece $25
Solar e-horn/LED light 1 piece $20
Headbag 1 piece $20
Extra inner tube 1 piece $13
Extra deck sticker (non-optional) 1 piece $11
Phone Holder 1 piece $10
Valve Stem Extender 1 piece $7
Extra brake pads (semi metal) 1 pair $6

* The giveaways’ prices are based on their retail prices of MACURY store
* We will replace Hydraulic brake/Upgraded folding clamp/Foldable handlebar/Fixing hook in advance for you for free.
* You can’t specify the colors and patterns of giveaways.
* We won’t ship all the replaced parts.

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