Installing Auxiliary Bar on Zero 11X/Speedual Plus | Universal Aux Bar For Zero 8X 10X 11X Kugoo G1

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【Macury Universal Multifunctional Auxiliary Bar】
*Length of the bar: 25cm, Diameter of the bar: 2.22cm, Length of the bracket: 13.5cm, Max Diameter of the adjustable ring: 3.3cm.

*This auxiliary bar is fit for installing on the rod in which the tangent plane is a circle, not fit for oval /square/diamond/rectangle tangent plane. So it is fit for Zero 8X/10X/11X, Speedual/Speedual Mini/Seedual Plus, but not fit for Zero 8/9/10.

*We provide 2 sets of adjustable pads, one set is thicker, one set is thinner, each set includes 2 pieces. If you still feel the pads are not suitable, you can customize it by yourself, such as tape/rubber ring/plastic film, etc.

*Maybe some other scooters can equip this bar too, the key point is the bracket, especially the diameter of the adjustable ring, the max diameter is 3.3cm, and fit for the circle tangent plane.

*Installation & adjustment of this bar requires hands-on ability, please watch the video on the description page as a reference or ask for a professional mechanic.

*We provide corresponding screws/adapters, and we provide a bolt driver.

*Make sure all the screws are tightened before your riding.

*The price does not include customs and taxes. There is a certain ratio that the goods will be checked by the customs, if your package is checked, you need to pay the customs by yourself. I don’t know the specific customs tariff standard. You need to ask about the customs agency of your country.

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