How to install Upgraded Clamp for ZERO 8X 10X 11X, SPEEDUAL Series, Dualtron DT3, Spider, Thunder

Upgraded Rugged Folding Clamp for ZERO 8X 10X 11X, SPEEDUAL, Dualtron
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★ Main Points Before Buying

* Some customers complained to me the vertical stem/steering rod of Zero 8X/10X11X & Speedual series would be loose after driving for a certain period. So we provide this upgraded clamp, it’s manufactured by CNC process, much thicker and stronger than original one, and more beautiful indeed.

* We tested this clamp on Dualtron Thunder/Spider/DT3 also, it’s compatible. Except these scooters I mentioned, I strongly suggest you don’t purchase it, I don’t know anything about your scooter and I can’t give you any useful information, obviously I don’t know what would happen when you replace them. Of course I won’t assume liabilities in this situation.

* If you want to replace for your ZERO 11X/SPEEDUAL PLUS, you need to purchase 2 sets.

* We will give you a thin pad if you purchase 1 set of clamp, you can choose install it or not. Advantage: Stuff the gap at the joints, reduce friction and noise, make your scooter more stable. Disadvantage: Your scooter would become hard to be folded/unfolded.

* The upgraded quick release is only fit for this upgraded clamp, you can’t install it on original clamp. the quick release would be worn out for a certain period, then you can purchase new one/pair, you needn’t purchase one set of clamp again.

* Material: Aluminium Alloy 6061 Outer Diameter: 58-68 mm Inner Diameter: 45 mm
Height: 50 mm Process: Carved by CNC Coating: Anodizing Weight: 340 g

* We produced 2 models, both of them have almost the same performance. The one now you’re watching is model B, the other one is model A, if you need to purchase model A, please click the corresponding link.

* Installation & adjustment of this clamp requires high hands-on ability, please watch the video in the description page as a referance, if you don’t know how to install it, please ask for a mechanic in your local store to help you.

* We don’t provide installing tools.

* Make sure all the screws and quick releases are tightened before your riding.

* The price do not include customs and taxes. There is a certain probability that the goods will be checked by the customs, if your package is checked, you need to pay the customs by youself. I don’t know the specific customs tariff standard. You need to ask about the customs agency of your country.

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