How to install Seat for ZERO 8 | Official Seat Kit for Kugoo X1, ZERO 8, and Grace 8

Official ZERO 8 Seat Kit ►►

*This seat kit is only fit for ZERO & GRACE 8 or other brands of scooters made by our factory too, such as Quick Volt 8/Eco Speed 8, please check your scooter’s deck shape, comparing with our description photos, if they are different, so they are incompatible.

*We provide corresponding screws/bolts/adapters, but we don’t provide installing tools.

*Adjustable Height Range: 40cm – 60cm.

*Make sure all the screws and quick releases are tightened before your riding.

*The price does not include customs and taxes. There is a certain ratio that the goods will be checked by the customs, if your package is checked, you need to pay the customs by yourself. I don’t know the specific customs tariff standard. You need to ask about the customs agency of your country.


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→ Comfortable riding saddle for Kugoo X1, ZERO 8.
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